jan and dean . . . on the run

Well, here they go again. The Ashers make another uncredited cameo appearance. Produced and directed by the King of the Beach movies himself, William Asher. This long lost 1965, ABC television series pilot revolved around the then hot singers, Jan and Dean (pictured above). It showcased the handsome young duo and their hits, like "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" and "Surf City." Packed with silly slapstick comedy and plenty of music, this "Beatles/Monkees" type show probably would have been a hit with the younger generation, but it never became a series.

The show was set in and around San Diego and it's famous zoo. Here we see frequent Bewitched guest star, Arthur Julian as a Zoo Guard looking for his broom. At first all we see is the familiar back view of a woman holding a broom. The guard grabs it.
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When she snaps her fingers and the broom is again in her possession the guard is startled. He becomes totally befuddled when she turns around, twitches her nose and disappears! Yes, it's Samantha our favorite witch. Elizabeth Montgomery does another color cameo appearance during the early black and white seasons of Bewitched.

As he does in all his "Beach" movies, William Asher himself makes a brief cameo as a beatnik who loses his wig to a playful elephant.

If you are interested in owning an unedited copy of this rare Liz appearance, email me for details. VictorMas@aol.com

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