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A glourious shot of the scenery

The bus tour was a full day of sight seeing and events. On the way to have lunch we passed the island from "Gilligan's Island" and an area where they filmed scenes from "Jurassic Park". We stopped to watch a hula dance, and even tried a few moves. We heard Hawaiian songs. Saw cliff divers perform. We even caught a glimpse of "Bay Watch: Hawaii" being filmed at Waimea Falls Park.

Hanauma Bay Rich with coral and tropical fish. We came back here to sun and swim.

A Byodo-in Temple

Neil wards off evil spirits by clanging the gong

Vic by the pond at the Temple We fed the fish & the birds

Neil and overgrown gold fish

The giant Buda in the Temple Neil had to remove his sandles to enter the temple for this shot. I snatched them when he wasn't looking!

Neil and the view at Pali Lookout

The Crouching Lion Inn This was where we had lunch

Vic in front of the Inn sign

The view from the Inn

The Hula at Waimea Falls Park The dancer on the left was also a cliff diver.

Another cliff diver They dove from above the waterfall

The divers in motion

Neil by a stream Also at Waimea Falls Park

Vic by an old Hawaiian Hut

Waimea Falls Park was beautiful

Another breathtaking view This was "Blow Hole"

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